The Fastest Podcast Episode Ever? feat. Charlie Yapp

Charlie Yapp is the owner of Yapp Studios, Scalded Dog Auto Parts and the Editor of Secrets of Speed Society.  Charlie has over 30 years of experience in professional photography, working for major clients and brands in product photography but has always kept an entrepreneurial mindset along the way.  Charlie’s willingness to learn new things and pursue his passions have led him all over the world and he’s been successful in starting several businesses in the process.  These days he’s the owner of Scalded Dog Auto Parts and the editor of Secrets of Speed Society, a 52 page magazine that is published and sent to every corner of the globe.  Secrets of Speed is all about preserving the heritage of Ford Model A, B & T cars as well as pushing them to their limits via racing, hill climbs and more.  Charlie is hilarious, incredibly smart and knows business.  My thanks to Charlie and his lovely and wonderful wife Donna for opening their home to me and spending some time sharing from the wealth of wisdom he’s gained over the years.

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