What Is The Space Tradr Podcast?

Frequently Asked Questions and how you can get involved.

The Space Tradr Podcast is a show designed to provide a unique and interesting way for small businesses owners to connect with our listeners.  Each episode will feature a small business owner or entrepreneur and give the business owner a chance to tell their story, why they chose the business they are in, how and why they started their business and any lessons they've learned along the way.

Everyone that is fascinated by what it takes to dream up, start and run a small business should listen to this show.  Each episode will uncover some of the how and why these incredible people decided to do what they do.  If you're interested in small business, we think you'll enjoy this show.

YES!  In fact, we are always looking for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are interested in telling their stories to be a guest on the show.  Maybe you just started, are launching a new product, been in business for decades or just want a fun way to share your story.  In any case, we have you covered!

We're reaching out to business owners every week and always looking for more guests to fill the schedule.  If you're interested, reach out to us on any of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) or email us directly at spacetradr@spacetradr.com.  Let us know who you are, what you do and some of your background and availability.  We'll contact you and get the ball rolling from there.

We're looking to get into a rotation of publishing a new episode every two weeks (or roughly 20 each year).  That cadence may speed up or slow down a bit depending on guest availability and scheduling.