Mental Health & Happiness with HappyPillar!

Samantha Gardner and Mady Mantha are the co-founders of an upcoming application that seeks to provide “Mental health support for everyone using the power of AI” via Happypillar!  Samantha is a mother of two children and an accomplished businesswoman having spent 10+ years providing GTM strategy services building award-winning customer success teams at a16z and Accel-backed startups including Rasa and Sauce Labs.  Mady Mantha has been a Strategic advisor to Fortune 10 companies on their machine learning initiatives, featured in WSJ and a Keynote speaker at Microsoft Ignite and over 50 other tech conferences.  Space Tradr was fortunate enough to get some time with these incredible ladies and hear about the vision for Happypillar, where they are on their journey to launch and some advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business. On a personal note – I absolutely lucked into finding Samantha and Mady and was absolutely blown away and beyond impressed with their knowledge of their business and plan, the market, the technical side of the app and also with how friendly and passionate they are about providing real help to real people via this app.  I’m already a big fan and cheering for their success.  You can find Samantha, Mady and Happypillar at the following links: 

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