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How Can We Help?

Space Tradr is a classified style site with a very specific focus to help you connect with other business owners.  You can browse and respond to any listing on the site or create one of your own and share with anyone you think might be interested. Read below for some examples on how Space Tradr can help your business.

You are organizing a volleyball tournament and are looking for sponsors for the event, but having trouble selling all the spots.  The event location happens to be close to several locally owned restaurants.  You create an Ad Space Listing on Space Tradr and suggest trading ad space during the event for a small ad on the restaurant's website or an insert on the menu.  Any business that visits the Space Tradr site regularly may decide this is a good opportunity and reach out or you can send the listing to the restaurants and ask if they are interested.  Our website is the hub that houses the opportunity, it's up to you to negotiate the trade.

Your landscaping business is up and running and you have a lot of customers to keep up with.  You're great at estimating jobs, completing the work and making customers happy but your website and social media presence is awful and you don't have time to put into it.  You could hire a professional or you could explore the possibility of trading your expertise for theirs.  Create a Business Service listing on Space Tradr and explain what area you need help with and what you could offer to repay the favor.  Maybe you could install some landscaping in exchange for help making your website look clean and professional?  

You're a developer with an awesome idea for a new video game.  You have the story line, the coding, the concept but you aren't artistic.  You really need someone to help bring your characters and environment to life.  You could find a freelancer to do the work, but this is an ongoing thing - what you really need is a partner!  But where to look?  Why not create a Business Partner Listing on Space Tradr and give some brief details on your skill set, your idea and what you're looking for in a Business Partner?  Visitors to our site can browse these listings and contact you directly if it is a good fit, or you can share this listing anywhere you want to get the word out.  Who knows, maybe the perfect graphic design artist is out there thinking the same thing.... if only I could find a good developer to bring my designs to life...

You have lots of great ideas for new products and services to meet your customer's needs.  What are some of the best places to show them off?  Facebook is a great place but can get lost pretty quick.  Same with Twitter and other social media channels.  We want to provide a place where you can promote your product or service that can be seen by our community at any time.  Upload pictures, provide links to your website and social channels and we'll even re-post your listing to our social channels as well!  Start by creating a Product Promotion Listing today!

What Our Community Is Saying.....

We just started advertising our opportunities on Spacetradr - It's a really good idea and we're hoping for great things!


- League Crawler